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Geographia Polonica tom 83/2 (2010)

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id: 6982

Geographia Polonica tom 83/2 (2010)

Tytuł: Geographia Polonica tom 83/2 (2010)

Podtytuł: Geographia Polonica vol. 83 no. 2 (2010)

Rok wydania: 2010

ISBN: 0016-7282

Format: B5

Waga: 1

Opis: Geographia Polonica has been published since 1964; in the years 1964–1998 as a serial publication. Since 1999 – as a journal with two issues per year (Spring and Autumn). Contributions to the journal on both human and physical geography topics as well as related fields (e.g. urban and regional planning, ecology) should be submitted to the Editor. Papers dealing with Central and Eastern Europe are particularly welcomed.


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